Visit your vineyard

As a Carteirra partner you are cordially invited  to visit your team throughout the two year winemaking process. Walk the vine rows, taste from barrel with your winemaker, and assess how the wine is developing. Château Capion partners are invited to stay at the estate, and we will do our upmost to insure a memorable trip.

Stay directly involved with our unique Vineyard Manager App

Remain engaged throughout with our proprietary online management tool which allows you to monitor the progress of your wine from bud break to bottling from anywhere in the world. Receive real time updates for each stage of the vintage; communicate directly with your winemaking team as they undertake all the crucial activities that go into making the best possible wine.

Add your own personal touch

Whether you buy a half barrel or a full barrel you will be able to select from a range of classic Carteirra labels or, at no extra charge, our design team will work at your direction to create a completely personalized label. The choice is yours.


About the region

Bordeaux is the 5th largest city in France and is officially classified as a ‘City of Art and History’. Its historic centre is a UNESCO protected site, and it is considered to be the world’s capital of wine. At the heart of the city lie its distinctive quais, developed during the 18th century to facilitate the shipment of wine from across the region to destinations around the world. Beautifully preserved and updated it is a fantastic destination for wine lovers and an excellent base for exploring St. Emilion.

A distinctive departure from the urban grace of Bordeaux, the Gassac Valley in the Languedoc region is steeped in even older tradition, with a history that dates back to the Romans. The lands of the current Château Capion lie on the path to Santiago de Compostela in Spain and relics of pilgrimages from the middle ages still stand on the property. A hunting lodge was constructed on the property in the 16th century, and towards the end of the 19th century Cardinal Compte de Cabrières, elected Bishop of Montpellier, converted the lodge into a stately country home and built the beautiful chapel that still stands today.

In 1996 Adrian and Birgit Buhrer became enchanted by the wines of the region. They acquired the Château, left their lives in Lucerne undertaking the vast project of bringing new life to the castle, the gardens, trees, lake and most vitally the vines, transforming the property into its current incarnation as a luxury wine estate which is now the gracious home of Carteirra’s wine endeavours in the South of France.