St. Emilion Grand Cru Merlot

Benoit Trocard is the 15th generation of the Trocard family to make wine in and around St. Emilion. Joining the family estate in 2002 at the age of 24, his passionate knowledge of the local terroir led him to branch out less than a year after assuming his post — purchasing a tiny 1.5 hectare plot on a limestone outcrop just above the town of St. Emilion in St. Christophe des Bardes. His intense focus on purity, or as he puts it his ‘le fruit d’abord’ (fruit comes first) approach earned his first vintage a 92-95 point score from Robert Parker.

Independent and unconventional to the bone, in 2005 Trocard co-founded Bordeaux Oxygène, a group of 18 young winemakers committed to showing the outside world that theirs was not a region to rest on its laurels but rather a region of great history, skill and a commitment to the production of great wines — wines that could match or even perhaps surpass their predecessors. Today Benoit Trocard is President of the group.

With his wines consistently in demand since his debut, Benoit has continued to add small parcels of vines around the original Trocard estate, and it now stands at 7.5 hectares. In 2009 he took over from his father, who remains actively involved, bringing responsibility for 10 additional properties ranged over 106 hectares and 6 appellations.

Intense, driven and inspired Benoit is a generous and instinctive winemaker whose work ethic and attention to detail make him one of the rising stars of a new generation of French winemakers.

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Languedoc Syrah

A native of Brittany, Frédéric received his Wine Masters and Viticulture Diplomas in 1995. After many years as head winemaker at a top estate in Alsace, Kast accepted an invitation from the Buhrer Family in 2006 to continue improving quality of the award-winning wines produced from Château Capion, their historic property in the Gassac Valley. The estate vineyards, first redeveloped in 1996 under the watchful eye of Nico van der Merwe was handed off to Michel Tardieu in 2003, and he in turn has entrusted it to Kast.

Frédéric oversees the management and production of a patchwork mosaic of vineyards ranging from white varietals such as Chardonnay, Marsanne, Rousanne and Viognier; as well as a host of reds including Grenache and Mourvèdre, which help support the blend for their most revered wine, an award-winning old vine Syrah. In his day-to-day role as winemaker for the estate, Kast has developed a keen eye for its vineyards, partnering with Carteirra to select a block of old vines especially for our productionon a slope just where the vineyard meets the forest of this magical estate.

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