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“The wines from these vineyard sites are showing a ripe and fruit-driven expression of their terroir and are some of the most exciting Cabernets coming from the region.”
- Niels Verburg


Paardenkoof or “valley of the horses” is an historic site that played a key role in South
Africa’s settlement as a prime breeding region for the horses used for early farming,
transport and war.

The estate, which covers 1430 hectares, is given over to a range of different agricultural pursuits, including an Nguni cattle herd and a large flock of sheep. All farming and viticulture practiced on the estate is ecologically-sensitive – Paardenkloof being home to an unusually rich diversity of native plants and animals.

Carteirra sources its Cabernet Sauvignon from a vineyard situated on the northern slopes of the Babilonstoring mountains, with views of the Atlantic to the West and the rolling landscape of the Overberg inland. The vines are oriented north to south to take advantage of the cooling sea breezes and are confined to outcrops of free draining, low fertility Bokkeveld shale soils.

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Ou’ Meul

At the base of the Green Mountain and ten kilometers down the historic van der Stel pass is a tiny family-owned vineyard called “Ou Meul” or Old Mill. This is recognized Cabernet Sauvignon country, and our two hectare block of vines has its roots deeply anchored in Bokkeveld shale soils fed by fresh mountain water.

The surrounding mountains channel the cooler South East summer winds balancing the temperatures of this valley. Row orientation in this vineyard was specifically designed to regulate the temperature within the vineyard and maximise sun exposure along with the cooling winds.

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